Fluke Networks Fibre Optic Test Equipment FTK1475 Fiber Inspection Scope

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  • Fiber optic cable test kit with SimpliFiber Pro meter, single and multimode light sources, and other tools for verification and inspection of cabling in multimode and single mode fiber networks
  • SimpliFiber Pro
  • Optical power meter with both multimode and singlemode light sources measures power and loss using dual-wavelength testing, which simultaneously transmits 850 nm and 1300 nm wavelengths for the multimode source and 1310 nm and 1550 nm for the singlemode source
  • Fiber Optic Inspection Scope
  • includes a handheld color display, auto-focus inspection scope and 4 tips for LC and SC style bulkhead and 1.25 and 2.50mm patch cords.
  • The patented scope includes PortBright to illuminate and easily connect in dark places
  • VisiFault VFL
  • Uses a bright red laser to trace fibers, checks continuity and polarity, and help find breaks in multimode and singlemode fiber

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Dirty fiber optic endfaces are the major cause of problems in singlemode and multimode fiber optic systems. The Fluke Networks FTK1475 FI-500 FiberInspector Micro with SimpliFiber Pro Multimode & Singlemode PMLS, VisiFault, 2 FindFibers, Cleaning kit (NFC-KIT-BOX) and 1.25 mm swabs removes the hassle associated with inspecting fiber end faces, especially in low light and high cable density situations. It is very simple to use: Simply plug the cable into the FI-500 and touch the AF button. Within seconds, the fiber endface comes into sharp, clear view. And if you’re working in a difficult to reach place or you can’t get the image to stand still, just touch the pause button to freeze the image.

  • PortBright illumination to see ports in dark and dense panels
  • Autofocus for stable images in a few seconds
  • Large display to view single mode and multimode fiber end faces
  • Includes 4 UPC tips (LC, SC, 1.25 mm and 2.50 mm). APC tips available

Today’s high density fiber patch panels make inspection a challenge. Finding the cable or port to test can be tough, especially in the low light conditions found in most data centers and wiring closets.

The FTK1475 is designed to simplify the inspection process. The built-in PortBright flashlight helps you find the right port or cable. The small-profile probe fits into tight spots, and features pushbutton controls for simple operation. Autofocus provides a sharp view of the endface in a few seconds, while the pause button freezes the image on the crisp 320 x 240 display for more detailed inspection.

The FTK1475 fills the gap between a manual scope and a fully automated inspection scope. It has the simplicity and practicality of a manual inspection scope, but with advanced features to reduce troubleshooting and inspection time.

Manual fiber inspection scopes are simple to use, but they don’t work well on patch panels or situations where there is a high density of fiber. Holding it up to one eye and closing your other eye is often inconvenient or impractical, especially in a dark room.

Fully automatic inspection scopes analyze and grade the cleanliness of fiber connections which is important for many applications, but analysis is usually not needed for quick basic troubleshooting.