Fluke P5513-2700G Pneumatic Pressure Calibrators

The Fluke Calibration pneumatic calibrators are an easy-to-use alternative to traditional deadweight testers. These pressure calibrators are conveniently bundled with up to six 2700G Reference Pressure Gauges for a complete, benchtop pressure calibration solution to provide the accuracy, reliability, and capability you need to calibrate dial gauges, digital test gauges and pressure transmitters.

  • Best-in-class accuracy of 0.02% full scale for each 2700G Reference Gauge
  • Expand lower range capability with additional 2700G Reference Gauges
  • Adaptors to provide hand tight connection to common NPT, BSP, and metric fitting types
  • Included reference gauges are battery operated and capable of using line power too
  • Portable with a sturdy carrying case

The P5513-2700G Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator has a range 0 to 3000 psi (210 bar); vacuum range 0 to 24 inHg (800 mbar)

This pneumatic comparison pressure calibrator is available with up to three 2700G Reference Pressure gauges. This cost effective instrument provides precise control for important calibration requirements and includes many features found in our popular line of pneumatic deadweight testers. With operation up to 3000 psi, it can be used to provide clean testing of process critical instrumentation. Note: Unit requires pressure source (i.e. nitrogen bottle) for operation.

P5513-2700G features:
• Robust construction allowing for operation in gas to 20 MPa (3000 psi)
• Built-in screw press for fine pressure adjustments