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Fluke 9150 Thermocouple Furnace

  • Low-cost thermocouple furnace
  • NIST-traceable calibration included
  • RS-232 port standard

Fluke 9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace

  • Tube furnace configuration (without isothermal block): Base-metal thermocouples are often sheathed in formable materials such as braided fiberglass or PTFE. During calibration, they are bundled around a reference thermometer, held together with fiberglass cord or tape, and inserted into a tube furnace.
  • Isothermal block configuration: Metal- or ceramic-sheathed thermocouples are generally constructed with noble-metal thermoelements and therefore have higher calibration accuracy requirements. The isothermal block, which accommodates up to four 6.35 millimeter probes, improves heat transfer and temperature stability. This better equalizes the temperature between the reference probe and the UUT, which lowers measurement uncertainty compared to calibration without a block.

Fluke 9103, 9140 Dry-Well Calibrators & Dry Block Calibrators

  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Accuracy to ±0.25 °C
  • RS-232 interface
  • Easy to recalibrate

Fluke 9101 Zero-Point Dry-Well

  • Bath-quality stability in a portable ice-point reference
  • Easy re-calibration for long-term reliability
  • Ready-light frees user’s time and attention
  • Solid-state cooling technology

Fluke 9011 High-Accuracy Dual-Well Calibrator

  • Combined range from –30 °C to 670 °C, one unit – two blocks
  • Two independent temperature controllers (hot and cold side)
  • Stability to ±0.02 °C
  • Multi-hole wells for calibrating up to eight probes simultaneously

Fluke 9009 Industrial Dual-Block Thermometer Calibrator

  • Temperatures from –15 °C to 350 °C in one unit
  • Two wells in each block for simultaneous comparison calibrations
  • Rugged, lightweight, water-resistant enclosure

Fluke 700HPPK Pneumatic Test Pump Kit

  • Generate and adjust pneumatic pressures up to 21 MPa (3000 psi)
  • Rugged, portable and stable enough to go anywhere — on any surface
  • Reaches pressure in 20 seconds to full scale into a 30 cm3 volume
  • Detachable pressure adjustment system for adjusting pressure, connecting reference and test devices on bench and in the field, and isolating and venting pressure
  • Easily switch out reference gauges without requiring PTFE tape or tools
  • 2-meter (6.5-foot) pressure line and assorted pressure fittings enable a wide variety of possible connections
  • In-line filter and desiccant systems protect device from contamination from the DUT

Fluke 6531, 6532 E-DWT Electronic Deadweight Tester Kits

  • No weights to load and unload, transport or send out for calibration
  • Provides real-time pressure indication with no need to know and correct for local gravity or ambient temperature
  • No piston-cylinder changes
  • No significant sensitivity to level or vibration
  • Able to set and read any pressure value exactly, no minimum increment limited by smallest available masses; perfect for applications that require setting a nominal pressure precisely on the device under test and measuring it, such as analog gauge calibration
  • Operates in any unit of measure, switching easily from one unit to the next

Fluke 5640 Series Thermistor Standards Probes

  • Accuracy to ± 0.001 °C
  • Affordable system accuracy to ± 0.004 °C or better
  • NIST-traceable calibration included from manufacturer; accredited calibration from Fluke Calibration optional

Fluke 5627A Precision Thermometer, RTD Temperature Probe

  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • NVLAP-accredited calibration included, lab code 200706-0

Fluke 5626, 5628 Secondary Standard PRTs

  • Range to 661°C
  • Meets all ITS-90 requirements for resistance ratios
  • Rtp drift < 20 mK after 500 hours at 661°C
  • Calibrated accuracy of ± 0.006 °C at 0 °C

Fluke 5624 Platinum Resistance Thermometer to 1000 °C

  • Temperature range of 0°C to 1000°C
  • Accuracy (includes short-term stability and calibration uncertainty) of ±0.05°C to 962°C
  • Long-term drift of 0.01°C at 0°C after 100 hours at 1000°C
  • Designed by Fluke Calibration’s primary standards design team