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Fluke COMPASS® for Flow software

  • molbox1
  • molbox1+
  • molbox1+S
  • molbox RFM
  • MFC-CB
  • MFC Switchbox

Fluke COMPASS® for molbox™ software

  • Usable on any PC with a 32-bit Windows OS and available COM port.
  • Supports both molbox1+ and molbox RFM.
  • A true Windows® application following Windows protocol for file management, menu and message formatting, graphics and editing. Other applications can be run without interrupting test execution.
  • Complete online Help facility with Tool Tips.
  • Customizable user interface with scalable windows.
  • Calibrate and test a wide variety of devices including: MFCs, MFMs, rotometers, turbine meters, bubble meters and others.
  • Fully automated testing of both analog and digital MFCs.
  • Automated flow control support for testing flow measure only devices.
  • Flow corrections with automated ambient pressure and temperature entry for density dependent DUTs.
  • Log extra data from the DUT during the test with user defined commands.
  • Open hardware configuration allows simple integration of third party acquisition, control, and pressure and temperature measurement hardware.
  • Sets up and maintains DUT database with unique DUT characteristics, test scripts and histories.
  • Process gas editing tool includes complete gas conversion factors for most major MFC manufacturers and automatically calculates conversion factors for missing relationships and blends.
  • Produces standard, delimited test data files which easily import into other software programs if desired.
  • Test data files stored in user definable directory structure.
  • 100% customizable test report generation tool with preformatted templates.
  • Extensive on-board plotting function to create a variety of test data plots.

Fluke GFS dynamic gravimetric mass flow system

  • Covers the range of 0.2 to 200 mg/s in various gases (10 sccm to 10 slm N2)
  • Supported gases: Non-corrosive, non-toxic gases
  • Flow measurement uncertainty as low as ± 0.013% of reading
  • Maximum outlet pressure: 650 kPa absolute
  • Primary gravimetric principle using mass and time measurement
  • Automated unattended operation possible

Fluke MFC Switchbox™ for molbox1+ and MFC-CB™

MFC Switchbox supplies power and switches between up to five MFC or MFMs on one molbox1+ or MFC-CB channel.

The MFC switchbox is an accessory to the molbox1+ MFC option and MFC-CB mass flow control box. This accessory continuously powers up to five MFCs and/or MFMs (DUTs) and allows switching control between them on one molbox1 or MFC-CB channel.


Fluke MFC-CB Control Box

  • Set and read gas mass flow controller and mass flow meter instruments
  • Set and read 0 to 5 V or 4 to 20 mA on two (2) channels simultaneously
  • Complete front panel local control and remote operation via RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces
  • Includes advanced features such as two (2) channel sum, difference and ratio
  • Displays in V, mA, % FS and flow units
  • Handles gas conversion (K) factors automatically
  • Switch each channel between five (5) channels using an MFC Switchbox™
  • Common look, feel and protocol with other molbloc/ molbox™ flow products
  • Compatible with COMPASS® for molbox software to set up automated molbloc/molbox based flow systems

Fluke molbloc-S Sonic Nozzle Calibration Device

  • Covers ranges up to 5,000 slm in N2 and air
  • Useable with molbox1+, or existing molbox1 and molbox RFM mass flow terminals and COMPASS software
  • Proven critical flow venturi (sonic) nozzle operating principle supported by gravimetric calibration
  • Minimal sensitivity to contamination
  • Measurement uncertainty:
    to ±0.125% of reading with molbox1+
    ± 0.2 % of reading with molbox1
    ± 0.5 % of reading with molbox RFM
  • Air, N2, Ar, He and other calibrations available, humid air density compensation supports use with ambient air
  • Excellent rangeability (10:1 turndown), with molbox1+S, or other molbox models with vacuum.
  • Redundant absolute upstream pressure measurement using both molbox absolute pressure transducers reduces uncertainty and increases reliability
  • Integral gas temperature conditioning and measurement
  • Continuous, real-time reading, as with traditional molbloc-L laminar element
  • Can be fully automated

Fluke molbox1+ Flow Terminal

  • molbox1+S configuration gives extra rangeability with molbloc-S elements without requiring vacuum pumps
  • Now use any molbloc element for both high and low pressure applications in the same gas
  • Even more robust internal pneumatic design
  • Full suite of software automation products and hardware accessories to create a complete gas flow calibration system—including new COMPASS® for Flow calibration assistance software

Fluke molstic-L Mounting Systems

molstic molbloc mounting systems are available to assist you in realizing the full performance benefits of your molbloc/molbox™ system. molstics provide an engineered solution to the practical issues of mounting the molbloc, connecting a gas supply, regulating the pressure and connecting the device to be tested. Highest quality components are integrated into a compact assembly to assure optimum molbloc/molbox performance.


Fluke molstic-S Mounting System

The single channel molstic-S is designed to accommodate one molbloc-S element. The dual channel allows two molbloc-S elements to be simultaneously mounted, allowing use of two ranges without changing hardware during a test. In addition, the outlet of the two molbloc-S elements can be plumbed in parallel using the downstream tee assembly (P/N 401884) in order to obtain additional flow range capacity when using a two-channel molbox1+.