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WT1800E – Yokogawa High-Performance Power Analyzer

The WT1800E guarantees a power accuracy of 0.05% of reading plus 0.05% of range and is capable of harmonics analysis up to the 500th order of a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency. With up to 6 input channels, a wide range of display / analysis features, and PC connectivity, the WT1800E is the measurement solution for a broad range of power efficiency and harmonic analysis applications.

  • Basic power accuracy:
    • 0.05% of reading
    • 0.05% or range
  • Harmonics analysis up to the 500th order of a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency
  • Up to 6 input channels at 2 MS/s (16 bits)

WT3000E – Yokogawa High Accuracy Power Analyzer

With a basic power accuracy of ±0.04% (total), DC and 0.1 Hz-1 MHz measurement bandwidths, and up to four input elements, the WT3000E provides high-accuracy measurement of I/O efficiency.

  • Basic power accuracy: 0.04%(total)
  • Both 2 A and 30 A input elements can be installed in a single unit
  • The latest IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-3-12: Harmonic measurement
  • The latest IEC61000-3-3 and IEC61000-3-11: Voltage fluctuation / flicker measurement
  • Store function: 50 ms data storing interval
  • Advanced computation function: Waveform computation, FFT analysis, waveform sampling data saving
  • Multiple computer interfaces supported: GP-IB, Ethernet, RS-232 and USB

WT300E – Yokogawa Digital Power Meter

The WT300E series digital power analyzer provides extremely low current measurement capability down to 50 micro-Amps, and a maximum of up to 26 Amps RMS. This instrument is ideal for engineers performing stand-by power measurements, Energy Star®, SPECpower and IEC62301 / EN50564 testing, battery charger and other low-level power measurements.


WT500 – Yokogawa Mid-Range Power Analyzer


  • Simultaneous measurement of voltage, current, power, and harmonics
  • High-speed data updating (100 ms)
  • Display of numerical values, waveforms and trends
  • Measurement of bought and sold watt hours
  • Easy setup and operation
Current range: 0.5 to 40 A
Voltage range: 15 to 1000 V
Basic Power Accuracy: 0.1%
frequency range: DC 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz

WT5000 – Yokogawa Precision Power Analyzer

The WT5000 is the world’s most accurate precision power analyzer with a basic power accuracy of ±0.03%. Its accuracy specifications are guaranteed from 1% to 130% of the selected voltage and current ranges. With minimum influence of low power factor (0.02% of apparent power) the unit is also accurate at large phase shifts and frequencies.

  • AC power accuracy: 0.01% of reading + 0.02% of range
  • DC power accuracy: 0.02% of reading + 0.05% of range
  • 10 MS/s 18 bit ADC