Power quality logging is important as it helps determine whether the power supplied to your equipment is suitable enough for its smooth functioning. If supplied with poor-quality power, then the equipment may malfunction or even lead to complete failure. Power quality logging monitors transients, flickers, distortion, swells & dips. To summarize, power quality logging determines whether or not the power is suitable to drive the various components of your equipment while keeping it safe. Purchase the leading power quality loggers in the market from TriplePoint now and save your equipment from damage that is preventable.

Detecting compressed air leaks and measuring them in a timely manner can be vital to your production line. The best way to detect and measure compressed air leaks is to use an ultrasonic leak detector. This device is capable of quickly and accurately locating air, gas, and vacuum leaks in compressed air systems. The system is portable and consists of an array of microphones for an extended field of view with an intuitive interface to isolate the sound frequency of the leak while filtering out loud background noise. Purchase the leading ultrasonic leak detectors in the market from TriplePoint now and never leave air leaks unattended again.

Testing an electric vehicle and monitoring its charging is exceptionally essential to ensure the overall safety of the vehicle and its reliability. The battery pack, its modules, and all electrical components, including cables, plugs, connectors, and switches, also must be tested. At TriplePoint, you can purchase the best power quality analyzers by Fluke Networks to get a comprehensive understanding of power quality variables that can help you make the best decision while testing and maintaining electric vehicles.

Using research and on-field experience, when certain practices are documented for the optimum results, then these practices are known as the best practices. For Solar PV Arrays, it is essential to follow the best practices if you desire to get the best energy harvests, longer life, and minimum downtime. Using the right mounting structure, technologically advanced inverters, appropriate batteries for storage and following protocols for safety are some of the key best practices. Users can rely on TriplePoint to equip them with the appropriate tools for all of the above. Check out our Solver Power Analyzers and Solar Power Meters now to get started.

Thermal imaging works on the simple principle of converting infrared radiation (heat) into images. These images help us understand a lot about objects, surfaces, and spaces around us. In scientific terms, this is known as Thermal Imaging Analysis or Thermography. The applications of this are endless, as they can help us detect abnormalities in electrical components, connections, and mechanical systems. It also helps study structures and locates flaws, allowing us to rectify them before major damage or losses occur. Understanding the surroundings, the surfaces, the field of view, temperature ranges, and the spectral response all collectively contribute to being the fundamentals of Thermal Imaging Analysis. At TriplePoint, you get access to some of the best Thermal Imagers and Infrared Cameras, go check them out now.

Calibration is the process of comparing a device under test with a known value or a reference standard. This enables the devices to deliver accurate results/outputs. This is exactly where calibration becomes so important, it helps maintain standardization, repeatability, and accuracy ensuring safety, quality, and reliability. Without proper calibration we might as well be living a fragile life in a town made of lego blocks. TriplePoint offers you hundreds of calibration devices from leading brands thatch help you in your endeavor of precision and perfection.

Calibrating test equipments is essential to the overall functioning of the equipment. If you desire to get accurate results and want to minimize downtime, then the simple answer would be to get your test equipment calibrated as often as possible. Different devices have different requirements. While some need to be calibrated every month, some can be calibrated twice a decade. Therefore it is important to understand your needs and set a schedule to periodically calibrate your equipment. Ideally, calibrating before and after major projects, after a harmful event, or with greater frequency as the equipment ages is recommended. If you’re yet looking for further assistance, reach out to TriplePoint now and let the experts handle your calibration needs.

RCDs or Residual Current Devices are essential as they help us determine the safety of our factories, offices, or even homes. These RCDs help us keep track of electrical current and detect imbalances or surges. In case of abnormalities, these cut off current and help prevent damage to equipment and the property itself. The requirement for testing RCDs is quite evident from the above, and it must be done at least once a year. If you wish to play it safe, you can do it as often as once every three months. With licensed technicians and expert advice, you can rely on Team TriplePoint to help you test your RCDs.