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DESMO LT240A15 – CAT IV Single Phase Loadtester

$299.00 $265.00
Excluding GST 10%

Features & Benefits

  • Voltage: 240 – 250V max. 1Ø
  • Load: 1100W – 4.5amp.
  • Internal Fusing: 7amp.
  • Safety Rating: Cat IV 600V – Cat III 1000V.
  • Compliant to: AS: 61010.1: 2003.
  • Weight: 420gm.
  • Leads: Silicon with internal white wear indicator layer.
  • Test Probes: Cat III 1000V.
  • Motor: 1100W with thermal cut-out.
  • Grills: Black Nylon 15% Glass Filled.
  • Cable Grommet: TPE 90A Shore.
  • Body: PC-ABS Fire Retardant – spark finish.
  • Hook: Polished 316 S/S that allows hands free operation.
  • Product Code: LT240A15

Fluke EI-162AC Clip on Current Transformer

$865.00 $778.00
Excluding GST 10%

Fluke Clip-On Current Transformer Features

  • Performs selective and stakeless testing
  • Inner diameter: 2 in.
  • For use with Models 1623 and 1625

Fluke INDC8 – Insulated Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter

$89.00 $80.00
Excluding GST 10%


  • Cuts hard materials including steel and piano wire
  • Power joint and precision cutting edges
  • German CMV steel

Fluke LVD1A Volt Light

$70.00 $63.00
Excluding GST 10%
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Detector glows blue when AC voltage is present
  • Detector glows red when it is at the source

Fluke MP1-3R/1B – Magnetic Voltage Probes

$136.00 $122.00
Excluding GST 10%

Fluke MP1-3R/1B Magnetic Voltage Probes, Three Red, One Black


Fluke VisiFault Visual Fault Locator

$699.00 $599.00
Excluding GST 10%
  • Locates visual faults including tight bends, breaks and bad connectors
  • Accelerates end-to-end fiber checks
  • Easily verifies polarity and identifies fibers
  • Features continuous and flashing modes
  • Ergonomic case survives drops, impacts and vibrations

M1120 NST Neutral Supply Tester Kit

$799.00 $675.00
Excluding GST 10%

LCD screen to display measurement results and messages.
CAT IV 600V instrument and lead set compliance.
IP54 moisture and dust ingress rating.
Compact hand held unit housed in a lightweight heavy-duty case
Uniquely self powered passive device.
Power is taken directly from the user’s connections.
3 LED indicators and an LCD screen for status and measurement information.
An audible alarm is fitted internally as a secondary indicator. To indicate a pass at the end of the measurement cycle or a measurement failure.


PON Power Meter – Best in Class, Cheap in Price

Excluding GST 10%

Ø Test 3 wavelengths’ power of PON system synchronously: 1490nm, 1550nm, 1310nm

Ø 805C Suitable for all PON network (APON, BPON, GPON, EPON)

Ø User-defined Threshold Sets

Ø Supply 3 groups of threshold values; analyze and display pass/fail status

Ø Relative value (differential loss)

Ø Save and upload the records to computer

Ø Set threshold value, upload data, and calibrate wavelength through management software

Ø 32 digits CPU, easy to operate, simple and convenient

Ø Auto power off, auto backlight off, low voltage power off

Ø Cost efficient palm size designed for field and lab testing

Ø Easy-to-use interface with large display for easy visibility