Fluke Norma 6003 Portable Power Analyzer, 3-channel


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  • Key measurements: Voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, and harmonics with associated values
  • High accuracy and wide bandwidth – 0.1% measurement accuracy and 500 kHz bandwidth
  • Highly portable and easily installed in tight spaces – only 3.78″ (9.6 cm) thick
  • Operate continuously for up to 10 hours without an external power supply using the 5000 mAh Li-ion internal battery
  • Measure safely – safety rated for CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600 V environments
  • Measure three phase power and DC output power at the same time with three channels, with voltage and current inputs on each channel
  • 0.1% accuracy, 500 kHz bandwidth, 200 ks/s sample rate so you can rely on the power conversion system measurements you take no matter what distortion may be present
  • USB and RS485 interface and open communication protocol for easy system integration and software platform flexibility
  • Combine two analyzers to enable simultaneous measurement of multiple circuits for even more troubleshooting capability – configurable to 6 or 8 channels using dual analyzer synchronization
  • View critical data in the field on the main display – Meter, Waveform, Harmonics up to the 100th, Vector and Trend
  • Ensure high common-mode rejection and allow flexible configurations according to measurement requirements using the electrically isolated channels
  • User adjustable measurement rate from 100 ms to 1 s with continuous logging via 32GB of onboard storage
  • Easy in-field set up using the integrated front panel or a remote PC connection (USB or RS485)
  • Online measuring, data download and analysis with included PC software (Fluke Power Analyzer Software)
  • Full remote control of the connected instrument using Fluke Power Analyzer Software and a local USB or long-distance RS485 connection


  • R&D and third party labs
  • Renewable energy/clean tech
  • Manufacturing

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Gives you the freedom to make high accuracy power measurements, this battery-powered analyzer is designed for portability and allows you to make measurements directly at the load, in nearly any environment. Includes three measurement channels, where each consists of a voltage and current input, which is ideal for three-phase power measurements.

Fluke NORMA 6003 Offers

Accurate enough for the lab, built for the field

Designed for portability, the lightweight, battery-powered analyzer eliminates the need to carry large, fragile, expensive analyzers into the field, allowing you to make measurements directly at the load in nearly any environment. By measuring directly at the load, you can discover how the equipment operates under real-world conditions, with real-world variables, not just at a test bench or in the lab.

Combined with wide-band frequency response, it makes it easier than ever to make measurements on hard to access systems such as inverter drive systems, DC-AC and AC-DC power conversion systems, and electric motors without removing them from service. Making these measurements in the field simplifies the troubleshooting, and performance measurement processes without sacrificing uptime, giving you more accurate test results, that will enable you to discover whether your loads are operating as effectively and efficiently as they should be.

What’s included with the Fluke NORMA 6003

  • Power Analyzer
  • Test Leads:
    • 3 x Red
    • 3 x Black
    • 6 x Blue
  • Alligator Clips:
    • 3 x Red
    • 3 x Black
    • 6 x Blue
  • USB (Mini B) Cable
  • RS-485/Synchrony Adapter
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Power Supply Adapter
  • Power Cord
  • USB Flash Drive for PC SW and User Manual