Automatic Relay Test System ARTES 600

  • Highly precise, portable measuring system for functional tests on various types of protection equipment.
  • Four voltage and six current outputs allow three-phase tests on static
  • Digital relays and on differential protection relays.
  • Analog measurement inputs also make it possible to test and calibrate transducers
    Built-in control panel equipped with a high-resolution, resistive 3.5″ touch screen, function keys

Test system with 4 voltage outputs and 6 current outputs for carrying out functional tests on threephase protection devices and also on differential protection relays. The high power of the current  outputs allows tests to be carried out on self-powered relays as well as on static and digital relays.

Using 12 multi-function inputs, analog quantities can be measured as well as binary signals. The  system is operated using an external PC or the touch control panel on the device itself.

Scope of delivery: testing software incl. all test monitors, data cable RJ45, data cable USB A-B,
power cord, standard cable set, active GPS antenna with magnetic base, user manual (PDF).