Fluke 80PT-25 SureGrip Piercing Temperature Probe


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Key features

  • Operates with T-type thermometers
  • Measurement range: -196 to 350 °C

The 80PT-25 SureGripTM Piercing Temperature Probe is
designed for use in liquids, gels, soft, and semi-hard
materials. The probe is made of 316 stainless steel, which
is suitable for food service use. The thermocouple junction
of the probe is protected from tip to handle by the stainless
steel sheath. The 40-inch (1-meter) cable is terminated
with a Type T miniature thermocouple connector with
0.792-mm (.312-inch) pin spacing. The 80PT-25 can be
used with any temperature-measuring instrument that is
designed to accept Type T thermocouples and has a
miniature connector input