Fluke 9114, 9115A, 9116A Freeze-point furnaces

  • Designed to extend plateaus
  • High-stability OEM controllers, RS-232 included
  • External cooling coils

Several companies manufacture freeze-point furnaces. Most of these furnaces are of adequate theoretical design and of reasonable quality. Most are priced similarly. However, there is a difference that can’t be seen from specifications or price, and that’s how well the furnace performs with the freeze-point cells they’re designed to maintain.

Establishing and maintaining a freeze-point plateau is what these furnaces are supposed to be about. Nothing they do is more important than this performance issue.

Fluke Calibration makes three freeze-point furnaces that, when combined with Fluke freeze-point cells, produce the longest plateaus in the industry. A Fluke Calibration furnace and cell can establish plateaus that range from 24 to 40 hours or more.

Fixed-point furnaces can also be used for comparison calibrations and for annealing. In these processes, stability and uniformity are very important, and nothing speaks more about stability and uniformity than the length of the plateaus produced by the furnace.

All three of these furnaces have external cooling coils for circulation of tap water at less than 60 PSIG and approximately 0.4 GPM to reduce heat load to the lab. They also come with RS-232 ports and have equilibration blocks available for comparison calibrations. IEEE-488 interface packages are also available, if that’s your preference.

One of Fluke’s three fixed-point furnace models will meet your needs. Remember, the length of the plateau is the best measure of a furnace’s performance. Call us for performance data on actual cell freezes and test data on furnace gradients.