M1120 NST Neutral Supply Tester Kit


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LCD screen to display measurement results and messages.
CAT IV 600V instrument and lead set compliance.
IP54 moisture and dust ingress rating.
Compact hand held unit housed in a lightweight heavy-duty case
Uniquely self powered passive device.
Power is taken directly from the user’s connections.
3 LED indicators and an LCD screen for status and measurement information.
An audible alarm is fitted internally as a secondary indicator. To indicate a pass at the end of the measurement cycle or a measurement failure.

Optional Accessories of NST Tester


Dewar Electronics Neutral Supply Tester (NST) M1120

This model is for use in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, where the maximum neutral to earth voltage is 5.25 volts.


Meter installers use the NST when placing smart meters on domestic and commercial switchboards. The Dewar NST indicates a safe or unsafe condition by measuring voltage as well as impedance in relation to the connected active, neutral and reference earth.

The M1120 unit is for performing Neutral & Supply Testing as outlined in the VESI Installation Supply Connection Tests & Procedures Manual.

Use the NST to ensure the incoming active and neutral power connections have been correctly identified and are safe to use before reconnecting the main power.

Features of the M1120 Neutral Supply Tester

CAT IV 600V compliant instrument

The M1120 NST carries out automatic internal self checks to ensure correct functionality of the instrument.

The M1120 is a self-powered, passive device. It takes its power directly from the connection point, which means you won’t have to worry about flat batteries or battery replacement.

The M1120 is a compact unit with a lightweight, heavy-duty case. Its impact resistance case has an IP54 moisture and dust ingress rating.

The front panel has an easy to read LCD screen for measurement information and 3 LED status indicators.

An internal audible alarm acts as a secondary indicator to indicate a pass/fail at the end of the measurement cycle.

Items included in the box

  • M1120 NST
  • CAT IV 600V  lead set
  • Hanging Clip
  • User Manual