600A MicroOhm Meter PROMET R600


Excluding GST 10%

  • Assessing the condition of contact systems
  • Contact resistance determination with earthing on both sides
  • Measurements with temperature compensation
  • Assessing the quality of connections
  • Integration in circuit breaker testing with ACTAS
  • Dynamic resistance determination for main contacts
  • External control for use in test stands
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Results management and test report output via PC

PROMET R300 and R600 high-accuracy, high-precision ohm meters deliver an adjustable test current of up to 600 A which is independent of the supply voltage.

These measuring devices utilize the four-wire resistance measurement method, enabling them to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements. State-of-the-art power electronics coupled with a robust design guarantee excellent reliability for stationary and portable use in switching stations or industrial environments. PROMET ohm meters feature a modern operating concept, an interface to the test systems of the ACTAS product range and external control for use with test stands, making them both flexible and versatile.