Fluke 116/323 HVAC/R Combo Kit

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Features Fluke 116 Offers

  • Built-in thermometer
  • Provides microamps to test flame sensors
  • Low input impedance to helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage
  • Large white LED backlight for working in poorly lit areas
  • Measures resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance
  • Provides Min/Max/Average to record signal fluctuations
  • Compact ergonomic design for one-handed operation
  • Fits into optional ToolPak™ magnetic hanger for hands-free operation (sold separately)
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated

Features 323 True RMS Clamp Meter

  • Rugged, reliable basic True-RMS clamp meter for measuring current up to 400 A
  • Measures AC current to 400 A
  • Measures AC voltage and DC voltage to 600 V
  • Provides True RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
  • Measures resistance to 4 kΩ with continuity detection
  • Slim, ergonomic design for measuring in tight cable compartments
  • Presents measurements on a large, easy-to-read display
  • Hold function captures a reading on the display
  • CAT III 600 V, CAT IV 300 V safety rating

Features TL175 TwistGuard Test Leads Set

  • Patented TwistGuard™ extendable tip
  • New WearGuard™ lead wire wear indication
  • Double insulated silicone leads
  • Extra-heavy duty strain relief on both probe-end and plug-end
  • Ratings: CAT II 1000 V, CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V, 10 A max., Pollution Degree 2
  • Conforms to EN61010-031

Features TPAK ToolPak Magnetic Meter Hanger

  • Powerful magnetic hanger allows you to hang your meter on any metallic surfaces
  • 9″ (228.6 mm) hook and loop strap allows you to loop around pipeS
  • Hook hanger for hanging on non-magnetic surfaces
  • General purpose hanger allows you to hang your meter on nails, hooks and many other objects
  • Compatible with many Fluke instruments

Features 80BK-A Integrated DMM Temperature Probe

  • Standard shrouded banana jack
  • Convenient one piece construction

Features C115 Soft Carrying Case

  • 2 x padded pockets
  • Made out of durable polyester

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Comes equipped with a fast-acting, general-purpose clamp meter, this combo kit is built around this HVAC/R multimeter with temperature and microamps. The multimeter comes with temperature and microamp measurements, and the clamp meter provides True RMS measurements and optimized ergonomics, making this kit ideal for electricians.

Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter

Delivers rugged and reliable performance and includes True RMS measurements, optimized ergonomics, and large display which makes it ideal for troubleshooting. This clamp meter is part of the 320 series and is built to perform in the toughest environments, and provides you with noise-free and reliable results. Its slim, compact size and rugged design makes it well suited for measuring currents up to 400 A in tight cable compartments. Use it to verify the presence of load current, AC voltage, continuity of circuits, switches, fuses, and contacts.


  • Electrical
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Plant maintenance
  • HVAC/R

Applications for TL175 TwistGuard Test Leads Set

  • Test and measurement
  • Oil and gas
  • R&D
  • Electronics design
  • Electronics service
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Industrial