Fluke LENS/25MAC2 Optional Thermal Imaging Lens, 25 µm Macro


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Fluke LENS/25MAC2 Offers


  • Avoid the hassle of sending in your camera to calibrate with the lens – with smart lenses you can just attach the lens to any compatible camera and start taking images.
  • With this lens, there’s no need to move the focus wheel the precise amount to get optimal focus. With your lens attached, use LaserSharp Auto Focus to set the focus, then position the camera and target within the working distance of the lens (~8 to ~14 mm).
  • Made of 100% diamond-turned germanium with an engineered coating, the most efficient available material to transmit energy to the detector.


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  • Electronics Design and Validation
  • Circuit Boards
  • Components
  • Faulty Equipment Location

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Optional macro lens for the TI200/300/400 thermal imaging cameras.