Fluke Ti480 PRO 60Hz Infrared Camera, 640 x 480


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  • Increased sensitivity to visualize temperature differences
  • Easier to visualize and diagnose issues with sharper onscreen images, multiple rectangle markers and nine color palettes
  • More intuitive visual interface, improved, user-tested, touch screen interface
  • More flexibility to visualize target, tiny-to-large with interchangeable smart lenses – no calibration required, 2x and 4x telephoto, wide angle and macro lens compatibility
  • Capture a clear, accurate image focused throughout the field of view with MultiSharp™ Focus
  • Get an instant in-focus image of your designated target. LaserSharp® Auto Focus uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance from your designated target
  • Get 4x the pixel data with SuperResolution, which captures multiple images and combines them to create a 1280 x 960 image
  • Save time – wirelessly sync images directly from your camera to the Fluke Connect® system, and attach to an asset record or work order
  • Reduce the need take notes in the field with IR-PhotoNotes™ and voice annotations
  • Subject to Export Control


  • Industrial maintenance
  • Heavy commercial facility maintenance
  • Oil and gas maintenance
  • Veterinary
  • Reliability inspections (PdM)
  • Heavy building diagnostics – building envelope and construction defects
  • Electrical, water, gas utilities
  • Chemical processing
  • Machinery, instrumentation and appliances

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Capture accurate measurements with this infrared camera making it ideal for working in tough industries. The rugged pistol-grip design enables thermographer to focus on their surroundings. Additionally, the SuperResolution mode feature provides 4x the standard resolution.

Fluke Ti480-PRO 60 Hz Offers

Designed to work in the toughest industries, the rugged, pistol-grip design of this camera allows the thermographer to focus on their surroundings rather than the camera. Clip it to your pack and climb a ladder – the camera can take it. Even after that type of climb, you can capture a surprising level of detail with the high thermal sensitivity, allowing you to isolate the smallest temperature anomalies. Display these temperature differences in SuperResolution mode – get 4x the standard resolution and analyze your thermal images in more detail than ever before. Never miss a temperature anomaly again, capture in-focus images throughout the field of view with MultiSharp.