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Fluke RPM4-AD Reference Pressure Monitor

Covers the absolute and differential pressure ranges of typical air data instruments.
• Fixed wing and rotary wing range versions
• True Pt, Ps, Qc operation
• Transfer standard level measurement uncertainty
• Automated rate measurement with user specified sample time
• Automated leak check function
• Compact and rugged presentation
• SDS self defense system shuts off test ports to protect from overpressure
• RS232 and IEEE-488 interfaces included
• Battery pack available
• Ideal for validation of air data test sets (ADTS)


Fluke SPLT Self Purging Liquid Trap

The SPLT is made up of a stainless steel body with an internal X-Type coalescing filter and a bottom drain port fitting with an electrically actuated purge valve.  The filter and valve assembly is installed in a mounting stand.

The SPLT is intended to collect and exhaust liquid contaminants that may be present in the device or system under test so that they do NOT return to the PPC.